For the first time in GProTour history, championships (majors) will feature on the schedule, featuring larger purses, 100% payout and increased points (x1.5). Members along with the top-30 on the season money list will have priority entry into these. Prize purses are estimated to exceed $100,000 with $15,000, $10,000 and $7,500 respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Cut Number and Additional Players

The cut for each event will be for the top 33.33% and ties with each player making the cut receiving winnings no less than $800.


$10,000 First Place Events

Events with fields 59 professionals and above will feature a minimum $10,000 first place event. Events that feature 58 professionals or less will revert to a typical purse structure. See example.

Cut Number and Additional Players

The cut for each event will be for the top 33.33% and ties with each player making the cut receiving winnings no less than $800.



Ties for the tournament title shall be decided by sudden death playoff after the completion of regulation play and all parties are scored. The procession of holes shall be at the tour official’s discretion.  All other ties, the monetary value of each subsequent position will be combined then divided by the number of players. I.E (5th+6th+7th /3) In the event that the play can not commence or be completed the title shall go to all parties and the money shall be split in accordance.


Direct Deposit

All players will be paid by  Direct Deposit for prize money earned. Payment will be received in as little as 12 hours. Please see below for prize money distribution times.

Event Ending on a Thursday – Prize money will be in players account Friday morning.

Events Ending on a Friday – Prize money will be in players account Saturday morning for large institutions or Monday morning for small institutions.

Players can download the ACH approval form that will need to be filled and signed for an ACH transaction to occur.

Players Forms

All players must have correct tax documentation on file before a earnings can be paid. All players without a Tax ID number or Social Security number will receive a check minus 30% for taxes.

Player Forms Here


 Allowed and Prohibited Uses of Equipment

A player may use equipment to help his or her play during a round, except that a player must not create a potential advantage by:

  • Using equipment (other than a club or a ball) that artificially eliminates or reduces the need for a skill or judgment that is essential to the challenge of the game, or
  • Using equipment (including a club or a ball) in an abnormal way in making a stroke. “Abnormal way” means a way that is fundamentally different than its intended use and is not normally recognized as part of playing the game.

This Rule does not affect the application of any other Rule that limits actions a player is allowed to take with a club, ball or other equipment (such as setting down a club or other object to help the player in lining up, seeRule 10.2b(3)).

Common examples of uses of equipment that are allowed and not allowed during a player’s round under this Rule are:

(1) Distance and Directional Information.

  • Allowed. Getting information on distance or direction (such as from a distance-measuring device or compass).
  • Not Allowed.
    • Measuring elevation changes, or
    • Interpreting distance or directional information (such as using a device to get a recommended line of play or club selection based on the location of the player’s ball).

See Committee Procedures, Section 8; Model Local Rule G-5  (the Committee may adopt a Local Rule prohibiting the use of distance-measuring devices).

(2) Information on Wind and Other Weather Conditions.

  • Allowed.
    • Getting any type of weather information (including wind speed) that is available from weather forecasts, or
    • Measuring temperature and humidity at the course.
  • Not Allowed.
    • Measuring wind speed at the course, or
    • Using an artificial object to get other wind-related information (such as using powder to assess wind direction).

(3) Information Gathered Before or During Round.

  • Allowed.
    • Using information that was gathered before the round (such as playing information from previous rounds, swing tips or club recommendations), or
    • Recording (for use after the round) playing or physiological information from the round (such as club distance, playing statistics or heart rate).
  • Not Allowed.
    • Processing or interpreting playing information from the round (such as club recommendations based on current round distances), or
    • Using any physiological information recorded during the round.

Notable Changes to the Rules: Click here

Terms of Competition/Local Rules Hard Card: Click Here

Pace of Play Policy:

USGA Education Resources: Click Here

2020 will be the first time GProTour will set tee times based on categories. Below are how each will be broken down and their respective start times.

Tee times will be posted at 6:00pm the Saturday after the event deadline.

Category 1
  • Members
  • Past winners (includes non-members)
  • Top 30 money list (current and past season, includes non-members)
  • Top 20 from week prior
Category 2
  • Non-members
  • Members after entry deadline
Category 3
  • Non-members after entry deadline
  • Amateurs


Double Tee Two Wave Start

We will mimic how the PGA Tour presents their times, there will be no flip of the draw. First times off in the morning will be first off in the afternoon. As shown below:

Double Tee Single Wave Start

Players teeing off first on #1 in round one will be teeing off last on #10 in round two. As shown below:

Single Tee Start

After round One the field will be split in two and then flipped with each effective wave staying in the same order.

During the season GProTour Tour events will have limited field sizes , each events web page will designate the events limited field capacity. Where possible events will be riding, if a host facility cannot provide enough carts the event will be walking.

Members will have priority entry over all other players. Once we have the field limit a waiting list be established. With a one-out-one- in policy.


Amateurs may compete in any GProTour event, but will be limited to an “experience” basis only. Amateurs may not collect any monetary earnings, gift cards, pro-shop credit or likewise. There will be a limit of three (3) amateurs per event. In the event that we receive more than three (3) amateur entries we will create a waiting list in the order of received entries. Amateurs must contact a staff member to register for events. Amateur pricing is as follows:

  • 36 Hole Event: $225
  • 54 Hole Event (any format) $275


Players can pay online whether they are a member or non-member of the tour. Members, the website will only show you member pricing for each event once logged in.

Over the Phone

Players may call us to register for an event over the phone to process a credit / debit card. Players can call 336-392-4909 to do so


  • Withdrawal for any reason before event deadline –  No fee
  • Withdrawal after entry deadline BUT BEFORE TEE TIMES HAVE BEEN POSTED – $50 fee
  • Tee times will be posted at 6:00pm the Saturday after the event deadline.
  • Withdrawal after tee times posted – $200 fee
  • Withdrawals after event deadline will be assessed the above fees unless player can provide a valid reason for withdrawal (at the tours discretion), proof may be required.


  • Any player that has pre paid and fails to show shall forfeit their entry fee, unless they have a viable reason (at the tour discretion)
  • Any no show player will officially be disqualified and will have their entry applied that events purse.

All players must have paid before their first tee shot is struck. Once a player has struck their first tee shot they will not be granted a refund.

At the unfortunate event of inclement weather, the tour will issue refunds provided that play for the entire field has not commenced.

If play is stopped due to inclement weather the tour will do its upmost to complete the schedule of play. If this is unable 36 hole events will be scored where possible over 33, 30, 27, or 18 holes. If 18 holes are unable to be completed players will receive a refund of entrance fee minus $35.

54 hole events will be scored over 51, 48, 45, 42, 39, 36, 33, 30, 27 and 18 holes. If 18 holes is unable to be completed players will receive a refund of entrance fee minus $50.

If play has been suspended for more than One (1) Hour players will have a 15-minute warm up period before play resumes providing that conditions permit the practice facilities can be open.

Each individual that utilizes a golf cart for the tournament has a responsibility to ensure the cart is operated and maintained in a safe manner. Responsible driving requires concentration, sound judgement, and common sense on your part.  Don’t compromise your health and safety or the health and safety of others by operating carts irresponsibly.During the registration process, you will be prompted to approve a waiver stating you have read these rules and will observe them so accidents and injuries can be prevented
Golf Cart Safety Agreement -Downloadable 

Walking Event

During walking events players are allowed to bring their own push / pull carts


Riding Event

Players MUST ride if an event is designated a riding event. Groups will be limited to two (2) carts per group. Should a player have a caddy or spectator, they may ride with their player. In the event that there are more caddies/spectators that seats available, it is the decision of the group who will ride. The tour staff and officials will have no part in this decision.  

Caddies and spectators may NOT ride on the on the back of golf carts due to safety concerns.


Players may have a caddy at any event. Caddies must adhere to all rules that are set forth for the event and player. Caddies must also sign a Golf Cart Safety Agreement if they wish to drive.

Any conduct unbecoming of professional golf shall be subject to fines. Players shall receive one warning of conduct infringement, upon the second violation players shall receive $75 fine deductable from their prize winnings of said event, if the player does not place, the fine will incur on their next entrance fee. Violations are as follows

  • Alcohol consumption during regulation play/scoring.
  • Any consumption of illegal drugs.
  • Club throwing/breaking, damage to any private property.
  • Excessive profanity, all other acts that is unbecoming of a professional
  • The GProTour and its officials have the discretion to distribute fines as deem fit.

Players and Caddies must wear a collared shirt at all times, and it should remain tucked in. Shorts are permitted but must be of golfing nature (sport shorts not permitted). Soft spikes must be worn at all events, caddies are required to wear spike less shoes.


GProTour and its officials are not responsible for lost, stolen or damage items at our host facilities or secondary venues. It is the players’ responsibility for any damage they cause to the host venue or private property during a regulation event. Once a decision has been made regarding any issue by a designated GProTour official it is deemed final. By participating in a GProTour event you adhere to all the policies explained.

***GProTour retains the rights to amend any policies at any point during the season***