Raintree Country Club


Details of this membership are as follows:

  • The annual Membership fee will be $2080.00. For convenience, payments of $208.00 can be pro-rated monthly for ten (10) months (this fee includes unlimited use of the driving range and playing privileges). Players must play a minimum of 5 tournaments on the tour to qualify for this membership. The players must keep their account current or lose their qualification for the Tour Membership at Raintree Country Club.
  • The Tour Player agrees to sign in at the Pro Shop when playing. Players may play during the week after 11:00 am and on weekends after 12:00pm. The players may walk both the courses. Appropriate cart fees apply.
  • This membership is offered to Tour members only and does not grant the Member voting privileges.
  • At the conclusion of the Tour Membership if the player wishes to continue his membership he must contact the Membership Office for an extension.

Players wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact Phyllis Hollingsworth at 704-542-8150 for full details and application process.