2020 Membership

As a member of the 2020 GProTour, you will qualify for the lowest entrance fees and be eligible for discounted products and services through our partnerships and sponsors below. Some of our sponsors may ask that you present membership to be eligible to their products, in such cases please contact a tour official and they will supply you with proof of membership.


Players re-joining GProTour from 2019 have the following membership options

  • $549


Players  New to GProTour for 2020 have the following membership options

  • $749 

Summary of Benefits

Covid-19 Questions

We hope the information below helps answer those questions, should you have any more please reach out. We would also like to remind players that memberships have been extended thru June 30th 2021, giving players a projected 20+ events from June 20th 2020 to use their membership.


Memberships purchased before March 13th

Will not be refunded under any circumstance.


Memberships purchased between March 13th and May 20th (covid-19 effected time period)

Will be eligible for a refund, providing that players have not used the membership to enroll in any manufacture discount programs.


Memberships purchased May 21st onwards

2020 membership policy is still in effect – memberships will be fully refunded 7 days from purchase, after 7 days no refunds.

Qualifying School Entries

Events with Member Only Web.com Tour Qualifying School Paid Entries Up For Grabs

At select events we will be paying for the highest finishing member to enter 2020 Qualifying Schools. To qualify members must conform to the following:

  • Paid membership prior to event tee off
  • Only One paid entry per member
  • If a member wins a second event, the next highest member earns the entry

Manufacture Discounts

GProTour has partnered with the biggest names in golf to offer our members discounted products. We act as a middle man giving you the contacts to order the equipment you need. Contact us at info@thegprotour for more information about these manufacture offers.

GProTour Referral Program


  • Earn $75 for every non-member you bring to an event
  • Earn $200 for every new-member you bring to GProTour


Events – For every non member you bring to an event we will give you $75 off your entrance fee. If you bring 2 players that’s $150 off your entrance fee, 4 players would be $300 there is no limit to how many players you may refer. Once you and your referred player(s) have paid for an event we will write you a check for the referred player(s) for your collection at registration.You may bring the same player each week. The only condition is that you and your referral must pay before the event closing date (Friday before event) . All we ask is that you contact us with your referred player(s) name before they register, that way we can keep track of your referrals.

Membership – Current member must tell GProTour of intended referral before new member joins. No referral fee will be given if new member joins before GProTour is notified. This stops after the fact referrals.

New Grad Memberships

Back for 2020 GProTour is pleased to offer our “New Grad” membership starting each May. Eligible players will be able to access this membership the day after their graduation. Players that would like to take up membership under this new offer, please contact Gary Haugh at (336) 392 – 4909.

New Grad Membership: $199

Player Eligibility

  • Must be able to prove graduation.
  • Must be able to prove that you have competed on current seasons golf roster.
  • Membership applies only to players coming directly out of college.