21aug(aug 21)8:09 AM23(aug 23)2:09 PM10K First Place* | 2019 Howard Clark MemorialPAID Q SCHOOL EVENT


Round One Restart Information:

Round one will restart at 9:20am. Players will need to be in the cart staging area 10 minutes prior to their start time ready to be taken out to their respective start points. 

9:20 Colin Monagle, Alex Andrews, Ben Pinkleton #16 Green

9:20 Jared O’Kelley, Jared Brickley, Ted Moon #17 Fairway

9:20 Mason Eckley, CJ Anderson, Jake McBride #17 Green


Round Two Will Start On-Time

Round Two: Thursday August 22nd

Time Hole Players
8:00 AM 1
Zach Edmondson, Jake Marriott, Nick Tremps
8:10 AM 1
Emmanuel Kountakis, Matthew Ryan, Charlie Huntzinger
8:20 AM 1
Marc Casullo, Chase Knox
8:30 AM 1
Jamie Mist, Jake Shuman, Tommy Schaff
8:40 AM 1
Nathan Stamey, Mark Kriston,
8:50 AM 1
Chandler White, Bryce Hendrix, Nemanja Savic
9:00 AM 1
Taylor Dickson, Noah Ratner, Jack Wilkes
9:10 AM 1
Harrison Rhoades, Danny Guise, Thomas Lilly
Starter Time
9:30 AM 1
Thomas Bradshaw, Michael Nagy, Otto Black
9:40 AM 1
Dykes Harbin, Tim O’Neal, Thomas Bass
9:50 AM 1
Chad McCann, Kenny Hess, Kyle Rodes
10:00 AM 1
Trey Wren, Matt Atkins, Raj Ghosh
10:10 AM 1
Mason Eckley, C.J Anderson, Jake McBride
10:20 AM 1
Jared O’Kelley, Garrett Brickley, Ted Moon
10:30 AM 1
Colin Monagle, Alex Andrews, Ben Pinkleton
Starter Time
10:50 AM 1
Anthony Gardner, Ryan Parrish, Aaron Thomas
11:00 AM 1
Cory Whitsett, Zachary Portemont, Will Long
11:10 AM 1
David Tepe, Ryan Stachler, William Robbins
11:20 AM 1
Parker Dudley, Paresh Amin, Ryan Muthiora
11:30 AM 1
Ryan Sullivan, Jake Scott
11:40 AM 1
Drew Czuchry, Luke McClellan, Adam Webb
11:50 AM 1
Brad Thorne, Carson Young, Reed Darsie
12:00 PM 1
Connor Froning, John Thatch, Spencer Skiff
Starter Time
12:20 PM 1
Corey Gallagher, Benjamin Schlottman, Jackson Spires
12:30 PM 1
Ethan Chamineak, Emerson Newsome, Brad Sill
12:40 PM 1
Ryan Cornfield, Matthew Short, Matt Schall
12:50 PM 1
Jack Faraci, James Kneen, James Clark
1:00 PM 1
Rigel Fernandes, Shawn Yim, Wehman Hopke
1:10 PM 1
Bennet Buch, Nathan Young, Derek Bard
1:20 PM 1
David Wetterich, Chase Parker, Mickey DeMorat
1:30 PM 1
Bennett Wisner, Rohan Ramnath, Timothy Colanta

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Please remember that we are distributing earrings this year by direct deposit for ALL players. Players will have their funds inside 48 hours and in most cases the next morning.

Please read below for Direct Deposit distribution times:

Event ending Thursday

Prize money will be in players account Friday morning.

Events ending on Friday 

Prize money will be in players account Saturday morning for large institutions or Monday morning for small institutions.

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