Cabarrus Country Club Limited Membership

Cabarrus Country Club is pleased to announce a limited run of tour memberships. The first 10 (10) tour professionals will have the opportunity to join the club at a special price under the following stipulations:

  •   $2100.00 due upon joining/renewing
  •   Twelve (12) Month Membership
  •   Member Account secured by credit card
  •   Billing privileges to Member Account
  •   Cart Fee if cart used
  •   Check in to Pro Shop Required
  •   Limited Range Hours
  •   Limited Playing Hours
  •   All Food & Beverage Charges will be billed monthly

Tour Members will be limited when they can hit balls and when they can play. Play will be limited to weekdays after 9:30 am and weekends after 12:00 pm. The chipping and putting green will be open as needed. Range time for Tour Members will be during the week after 9:30 am and before 5:00 pm. Weekend time will be from 12:00 pm until 7:00 pm. If the range is full and there is a Tour Member on the range, he will move and let the CCC Member hit balls.

Players wishing to join Cabarrus Country Club should reach out to Gary Haugh at or Kirsten Combs at