For the first time GProTour will be holding a Skins Match. Four qualified members will have the chance to compete for $4,500, players will have their entry and practice round costs covered. The match will take place at Old North State Club on June 7th and 8th

Four Qualifying Spots

Four events will be held, where the winner of each event shall reserve his spot in the 2016 Skins Match. Should a player win multiple qualifying events, we will take their runner up as a qualified spot each time. In the event that a non-member wins a qualifying tournament we will take the highest finishing member.

Winner From
Spot One
Country Club of Salisbury
March 16th and 17th
Frank Adams III
Spot Two
Forest Oaks Country Club
April 5th - 7th
Kevin McLister
Spot Three
Palisades Country Club
May 4th and 5th
Jack Radley
Spot Four
Columbia Country Club
June 1st and 2nd
Matt Schall

Purse Breakdown

Each hole will have a set value throughout the 18 holes. As the round progresses holes will increase in value.

Holes 1 – 6 Valued at $150

Holes 7 – 12 Valued at $200

Holes 13 – 15 Valued at $300

Holes 16 – 18 Valued at $500

Match Rules

Players will be competing for the lowest score on each hole, the player with the lowest score collects that holes value. Should two or more players tie, that hole will be carried over. So you may have a situation where a given hole is worth $1200. Should play end with a tie on the 18th green all players will continue down the 19th hole or subsequent holes until the final value has been paid out.

June 8th Course Set Up – Old North State Club        June 8th Pin Sheet

The 2016 Skins Match

Jun 08 - Jun 08, 2016

Pos Player Scoring To Par Rounds Strokes Prize
Total Thru Current 1 2
1 expand Frank Adams III -2 F -2 70 0 70 $1,150.00
2 expand Matt Schall -1 F -1 71 0 71 $1,400.00
3 expand Kevin McLister +3 F +3 75 0 75 $850.00
4 expand Jack Radley +4 F +4 76 0 76 $1,100.00